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Our law firm provide individuals and businesses with more than just legal advice. We are closely listening to our clients’ ambitions and needs. We fully support our clients’ businesses and have an aptitude to meet their challenges in order to achieve strategic goals. An ultimate goal of activities undertaken by us is effectiveness in securing legal interests of our clients’. The combination of professionalism, openness, highest diligence and individualized approach when implementing solutions allows us to successfully represent our clients’ interests before the courts of general jurisdiction, administrative courts, tax authorities and public authorities. We are firmly convinced that cooperation based on honesty, commitment and partnership, combined with knowledge and experience, will let us maximize the security of our clients’ interests. 

We don’t just fix problems in isolation. We build a long-term, collaborative relationship with our clients’ businesses to make sure they get the insight and support they really need.

Practice areas

Credibility, reliability, partnership and creativity are values that we follow in taking care of our clients’ interests.

services for Individuals:

Family law

Family law – it is a unique set of rules regulating a fundamental unit of society. Those rules may concern both financial and non-financial aspects of our lives. Either way there is no doubt, that this subject regards a matter so fundamental and essential, that solving issues connected with it requires highly specialized legal action. We provide services in regard to i.e. domestic violence, alimony, child abuse and neglect, divorce, guardianship, division of joint property, dissolution of matrimonial property regime; 

Criminal law

Within the services offered we represent our clients in proceedings concerned with misdemeanor and felonies, providing legal support on every stage of pre-trial investigation and judicial proceedings. Actions taken by us allows our clients to be represented before prosecuting authorities across the country. If you suffered harm by some else’s inappropriate/unlawful/negligent behavior, we secure your interests by taking appropriate legal actions, starting with drafting a statement in criminal case, joining ongoing legal proceedings until legally-valid statement is handed down and appropriate compensation is awarded.

Road traffic offences

Basing on our experience we can give you an accurate idea of what types of defenses can be used in order for you to achieve the best possible outcome. We deal with cases concerning aggressive driving, criminal speeding, suspended licenses, hit and run and many more. 

Employment law

We deal with cases concerning i.e. employment agreements, wrongful termination, age discrimination, employee handbooks, nondisclosure/confidentiality agreements, wage and hour policies, workplace discrimination, certificate of employment correction/amendment. 

Personal bankruptcy

This is a way to legally wipe out most types of debts, subject to certain exceptions. Bankruptcy filing will immediately stop your creditors from harassing you and stop them from going forward with lawsuits or judgment enforcement. What is more it will stop any pending wage garnishment. 


In terms of many aspects of life copyrights is starting to play an increasingly important role nowadays. They are not only unique element of brand but also they represent valuable asset of company. We provide reliable and substantive legal support when the copyright has been infringed as well as when prevention measures are need to be directed in order to avoid copyright infringement. We provide services in terms of obtaining a copyright registration, settling disputes concerning copyright, drafting licensing agreements, pursuing and defending against copyright infringement and many more.

Civil law

We secure legal interest of our clients' both on the pre-litigation stage as well as during court proceedings. We deal with cases in the field of property law (pledge, mortgage, perpetual usufruct, usucaption/acquisitive prescription, dissolution of co-ownership, land easement, easement of necessity), inheritance law (confirmation of inheritance acquisition, division/partition of the estate, will contesting, acceptance of the inheritance under limitation of liability/acceptance under benefit inventory, acceptance of inheritance under the law). In the field of law of obligations we draft and give legal opinion on different law contracts i.e. mandate contracts, contracts for specific work, loan agreements, sales contracts, contract of carriage, lease/rental agreements. What is more we represent our clients in cases connected with tortious and contractual liability.


In regards of providing services for entrepreneurs we are engaged in: 

  • Initiating and conducting business negotiations, giving opinions on business contracts and agreements;
  • Ensuring that personal data protection is respected in regard of recruitment process, marketing activities and sale of goods and services;
  • Drafting documents and company regulations;
  • Debt recovery;
  • Overseeing meetings of supervisory and management bodies;
  • Establishing business entities taking into consideration achieving clients’ strategic goals along with optimizing forms of taxation;
  • Providing regular legal services of entrepreneurs as part of ongoing advice;
  • Protection of clients’ personal data processed by counterparties;
  • Bankruptcy proceedings and implementing solutions in the state of insolvency;

In cases concerning Internet law, privacy policies and terms and conditions, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property law, copyright infringement you can also count on getting practical, commercially-focused and comprehensive solutions to your legal problems and clear, easy-to-understand advice.

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