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Mateusz Czapran's law firm provides individuals and businesses with more than just legal advice. We are situated in the city centre of Rzeszow. While providing services we are closely listening to our clients' needs and ambitions. We are fully supporting our clients' businesses and have an aptitude to meet their challenges in order to achieve strategic goals. The combination of professionalism, openness, highest diligence and individualized approach when implementing solutions allows us to successfully represent our clients’ interests before the courts of general jurisdiction, administrative courts, tax authorities and public authorities. 



Our Law Firm from Rzeszow provides services in the fields of:

in the area of preparation and evaluation of contracts, legal risk assessment related to the conclusion of the contract, conducting negotiations, construction works agreements, sales agreements, supply agreements, software contracts, legal services at the implementation stage, contract of specific work, real estate agreements, commercial lease, drafting regulations and terms and conditions of contracts;

We are discreet strategic business advisors with comprehensive expertise in commercial and business law, regularly instructing businesses, owners, directors, clients and customers across a wide range of aspects of business and commercial disputes and difficulties.

From negligence, commercial fraud and late payment of invoices to consumer rights and protection and contractual disputes arising from the sale of goods, provision of credit and the supply of services, we advise businesses and individuals on the most strategically advantageous and cost-effective tactics to achieve their goals and protect their business, assets and reputation.

in the area of law that deals with establishing and dissolution of companies and partnerships, corporate due dilligence, drafting share purchase agreements, preparing articles of association, memoranda of association, resolutions of corporate bodies, shareholder arrangements;

When a person dies without a Will, the estate passes by intestacy and the Polish Civil Code determines who inherits the estate as that person’s heirs under the laws of descent and distribution. Mateusz Czapran - lawyer from Rzeszow routinely represents heirs in obtaining a decree from the courts formally declaring who the estate’s heirs are and assisting those heirs in obtaining title to and possession of the assets involved in the succession.

in the area of law that deals with marriage and divorce, marital agreements, custody, paternity, spousal and child support, guardianship, domestic violence and grandparents’ rights;